Size Guide


    Am I augmented?
    If you are, one of the .5 sizes is suggested.  The only different between a Small.5 and a Small OR a Medium.5 and a Medium, are larger cups and longer straps. The band around your ribcage is the same.  This gives a little extra coverage, flexibility, and comfort for fuller cups.

      What will I be wearing my bra for?
      Yoga, barre, pilates, lifting, going to a party, or out to dinner require low-medium impact.  Jogging, running a marathon, or taking an intense group fitness class requires higher impact.  Go down in size for higher impact + up in size for lower impact.  Keep in mind that too small could be uncomfortable, or cause your bra to wear faster.

          What am I used to?
          If you are used to moving around a bit in your bra, don't jump into a smaller, compact fit.  We recommend staying in your comfort zone.  So, if you've been in a Medium, and had slight movement in your jog, stick with a Medium.  If you do want to play around with size, we recommend changing cups + straps (+.5).  If you try to pull off a SMALL when you truly are a LARGE, you'll bust the band sooner than later and have to buy a new one.

          Band Size
          To get your band size, measure around your ribcage, where your bra strap sits.  Measure all the way around, right underneath your breasts.  Use the below chart to figure band size.




            As always, figure how you want the top to fit.  For baggier fit, go up in size, for snug fit, go down, or more accurate to your dress size.


            For our leggings / bottoms we are using average US trouser measurements for comparison here.  Compare to Banana Republic or J Crew, not Lulu or the Gap!
            As always, figure how you want your leggings to fit.  For cozier fit, go up in size, for snug fit, go down...